About the challenge

Learning is a daily process. No matter what we learn constantly and extend our knowledge about the almost everything. Whether it is checking the news during the day, reading a book or watching some videos or TV. Learning is part of our daily life.

This project is all about learning, more precisely the journey to prepare yourself to pass an exam, no matter the nature of the topic. You commit yourself to this 100-day challenge by focusing on a specific topic, by deep diving into it and by preparing yourself to take an exam at the end of term.

Connect with others

We all are connected by learning for an exam. Using the hashtag #100DaysOfExam on Twitter enables us to share the experience and to motivate each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions will be added from time to time.


Study material and references to other resources is maintained in the #100DaysOfExam GitHub repository. Following are only a few, let's say outstanding and most relevant pieces of information, motivation and techniques to stay committed and conquer the #100DaysOfExam challenge.

Exam specific resources

Any preparation material that it is related to a specific exam it should be added or made available under the resources folder on GitHub. There is a growing, vendor-specific hierarchy in place.


Are you ready to join the #100DaysOfExam challenge?

Effectively there is only one thing to respect and to commit yourself to:

"I will learn and prepare for an exam for at least an hour every day for the next 100 days."

This is your main commitment a.k.a. Rule #1

Additional Rules

  1. I will tweet about my progress every day.
    Using the hashtag #100DaysOfExam.
  2. I will update the Log with the day's progress and provide a link so that others can see my progress.
  3. I will prepare for a real exam. Specify your goal in the title of your log file to keep it in eyesight.

Ideas to make this challenge more effective

  1. To increase the chances of success, it shall be a constraint that you add at least one resource to your day's progress in the log. It can be a link to a tutorial, a video or any other resource that helped you to prepare for your exam.
  2. Another good bonus would be to fork the repository. If you haven't worked with Markdown before, it's a good way to practice.